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Development History


* Greta and Hilary option the rights to create a stage musical adaptation of Joan Lindsay's iconic novel Picnic at Hanging Rock. 


* They are awarded a Create NSW Grant covering part of their commission for the first draft of the script and songs. An angel investor in the US contributes the remaining part.


* The Hayes Theatre (Sydney) awards Hilary and Greta a Seed Grant. This funds a research trip to Victoria and the demo recording session of 'Ode to St Valentine'. Hilary and Greta also interview a range of people throughout Australia and the USA connected with Peter Weir's film, Joan Lindsay and the novel. They begin cultural consultations with Wurundjeri Elders, one of the three Traditional Owner groups of Hanging Rock / Ngannelong. 


* Greta and Hilary visit Hanging Rock/ Ngannelong, Joan Lindsay's house Mulberry Hill, the National Gallery of Victoria, Braemar College, Fontainbleau, Mount Macedon and other relevant sites for research purposes.



* Tony nominee, Australian-American Jo Bonney joins the creative team as Director.


* Greta attends Yaddo Artist Residency to work on music for Picnic. Hilary and Greta work remotely on several new songs.

* Hilary writes lyrics on a WestWords writers' retreat in Katoomba, NSW. 



* February: First public performance of the song 'Time and Place' at Lincoln Center.


* April: Script Workshop in NYC with Jo Bonney.


* A second Early Investor joins the team, allowing for further development.


* July (Sydney, Australia): Hayes Theatre Developmental Workshop with first public presentation of several scenes and songs. Jo Bonney in attendance via Zoom.  


* September (NYC): Music Workshop at Ars Nova Loft space with Music Director Amanda Morton and 8 actors.


* November: 29-hour Reading (NYC) - Archival Video and Preview Reel available upon request. First time the core creative works together, in person, with 8 actors. Nick Harvey-Doyle joins the creative team as First Nations cultural consultant. 



* July 2024 | Developmental Lab, NYC. Including performance at Joe's Pub at The Public on Thursday, July 25.


* May 2025 | Picnic at Hanging Rock: in Concert at Lincoln Center.

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